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TITLE: Untitled
SUMMARY: LOK/FMAB crossover/rewrite.
GENRE: Gen/Drama
WC: ~4k
LAST TOUCHED: February 3, 2013
A/N: Through some unknowable logic, at some point I thought a Korra/Greed fic would be a good idea??

thinking of Republic means thinking of home, and that in itself is enough to send herself mad with longing and homesickness. It’s just different. There’s no point in dwelling on it. )
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TITLE: Untitled
SUMMARY: Book 1 rewrite: Asami is the Avatar or something.
WC: ~3k
LAST TOUCHED: July 30, 2013
A/N: I dropped this for several reasons, and I can admit now I never really knew where it was going. It was originally going to be a Korrasami B1 rewrite, and I had all of these ideas for what Asami was going to do when she meets the gang and how to handle the equalist revolution, but I realized I would be treading a very thin line to ensure this wasn't anti-Korra story (the premise alone kind of pushes it), and then to be honest I just fell out of love with LOK. What's here now is just the bare-bones beginning of something that never made it off the ground, but I'll always wish I could've written some B1 Asami longfic to flesh her character out a bit more.

The Order of the White Lotus arrives at the Sato mansion at precisely 8am on Asami’s sixteenth birthday. )
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TITLE: If There Are None, Travel Alone
SUMMARY: Korra’s not used to following rules, Mako’s not so used to breaking them, and they’ve both still got a long way to go before they ever get used to the love thing.
GENRE: Drama/Romance
WC: ~5k
LAST TOUCHED: April 27, 2014
A/N: Written Post-B1, most of it in the summer of 2013. Originally meant to be a thematic connection between B1 and B2. Mostly full scenes here; the missing bits would've come later would be plot-related.

Korra disappears on the twentieth day of the second month into the new year. )
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TITLE: thou for the people
SUMMARY: I have no idea. Set in modern-day London with Fullmetal Alchemist mythos. Main story to this.
GENRE: Supernatural/Drama
WC: ~10k
WARNINGS: Various instances of death and suicides
LAST TOUCHED: September 6, 2013
A/N: Otherwise known as "FMAlock" in my drafts. There are some complete parts here, but as the story goes, it turns mostly into dialogue snippets and would-be scenes.

He's sent home with a freshley healed shoulder and a limp that even the best alchemists couldn't cure. )
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TITLE: De Integro
SUMMARY: In actuality: Sherlock falls quite a few times more. John never does manage to talk him off the ledge, but he uses his chances generously: sometimes they fall in love, sometimes they don't. Sometimes John's the genius. Sometimes he never shows up at 221B. Mostly, though, he just waits. Or, alternatively: John tries and tries it all again. And again and again and again.
GENRE: Supernatural/Romance
WC: ~3k
WARNINGS: Various instances of death and suicides
LAST TOUCHED: May 16, 2013
A/N: I’d seen this “second chance” plotline done in other fandoms and was curious about what could happen in the Sherlock ‘verse. Written during the S2 hiatus, so the Era of the Reichenbach Angst fics. Non-compliant with S3.

It all comes down to timing. )


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