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everything personal is locked. public posts include things like fic
notes for those who are interested in my fanwork. just tell me where
you followed me from or why you're stopping by and I'll likely add you!
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Yeah, pretty much. The people who run LJ have just pissed off too damned many people too damned many times. There was a massive amount of shit that went down about a year and a half ago that made me and a LOT of others finally jump ship for good. Not only individuals but whole communities, including a lot of rpgs. The sole reasons I still have my LJ account at all is because a few friends are still only only on LJ and there are a couple comms I follow that are only there.
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My fandoms have apparently moved to Twitter or something.  >,>

LJ operates okay (if you can ignore the frequency with which they change things, and /radically/, with no warning and no regard for what people actually want or don't want).  It's just the kind and quality of management these days SUCKS.  And the scandals of carelessness and snide rudeness of those running things . . . I just refuse anymore to support those assholes, personally.  [shrugs]  I've never really gone looking for people or comms on DW - I've just followed people and places I already knew - but I can understand that.  It used to be that you couldn't even get /on/ DW without an invite code.  Since the MASSIVE blow-up with LJ, DW's been open to join and create an account, and between that and the mass exodus, DW's grown rather explosively over the past two years, I think.

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*HEADDESK* Not Twitter. Tumblr. Hell, they're all the same to me.

And yeah, that's pretty much what I do. =3