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conquest of spaces | masterpost

Lydia Shepard | Earthborn | Sole Survivor | Paragade
I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces
Expanding between you and me
Come with the night the science of fighting
The forces of gravity

This series is a masterpost of fic including my Shepard. While there isn't a larger plot that really warrants a series with a title, there are overarching threads and themes that link the stories together, with more planned. I have listed the stories by canon events, but each fic is self-contained and it is not necessary to read in order. As this Shepard romanced Garrus, some stories will be written exclusively within his POV. I am planning some larger stories with this character, but for the moment, the stories listed here are first on my priority list.

1. Pompeii (5k)
Shepard gets along with the War a little better than she'd hoped.

2. Heat Death (planned)
The year the galaxy found itself in stasis.

3. Water on Mars (45k)
Shepard watches London rebuild. Garrus watches Shepard attempt the same of herself.
[DVD commentary: Pt I / Pt 2 / Pt 3]

4. Waves That Rolled You Under (in progress)
Post-Reaper life doesn't go as planned.

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